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First Smart Defi dashboard

Foliowatch is the first smart Defi Dashboard with LP management on the Binance Smartchain

About Foliowatch

Built for everybody with unlimited unique features

Portfolio and liquidity pool performance watch plus yield farming, Fully decentralized.
BSC verified smart contract: 0x5CdCB6C1A30F59D59393D1629172634056E0461C

  • LP performance watch

    The LP performance watch feature is one unique use of FolioWatch Dapp that allows users to track and monitor their liquidity pooled tokens on different decentralized exchanges on the Binance smartchain

  • Fully Decentralized

    Folio Watch is a fully decentralized system or decentralized application meaning there is no governing body hence FolioWatch Dapp can not be tampered with.

  • Yieldfarming

    FolioWatch Dapp also offers a yield farming platform to its users On our yield farming platform users have the ability to earn high returns of capital from high capacity utilization, FolioWatch yield farming will have some new and revolutionary features that no other yield farming platform has

  • Portfolio Watch

    Portfolio Watch is another great feature of FolioWatch that allows users to know the total value of bsc coins in the wallet connected at any moment, this includes staked coins on various decentralized exchanges, coins used for yield farming on various yieldfarming websites including our yield farming features too, coins added as liquidity and so on

Innovative Solutions With The Best

Our System: Folio Watch

Frankly, impermanent loss isn’t a great name. It’s called impermanent loss because the losses only become realized once you withdraw your coins from the liquidity pool. At that point, however, the losses very much become permanent. The fees you earn may be able to compensate for those losses, but it’s still a slightly misleading name. This has become a huge risk to DeFi users.

We are developing a system to notify and provide users the option to swap pooled tokens to a stablecoin to avoid further loss when there’s a downward trend.

Working Process

How it works?

The Foliowatch smart defi dashboard is easy to understand and use with a great UI.

Connect Your Wallet

make sure you are on the binance smartchain to use the Foliowatch platform

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Open Your Dashboard

View your smart Defi dashboard with Foliowatch

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Interact with your portfolio

You can now see your LP on various smartchain projects and manage it to avoid impermanent loss

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Foliowatch Roadmap

This roadmap is contemporary: There are other steps in between and will be made known as we progress.

Mass Adoption

2nd Quater 2021
  • IDO and Airdrop of community governance token $FWATCH .

Fair Launch

2nd Quater 2021
  • Fair launch of Fwatch token on a dex and adding of Liquidity on other decentralized exchanges

Beta Testing

2nd Quater 2021
  • Beta testing on FolioWatch Dapp(with new features every month till final launch of FolioWatch ) Beta testing to be done by top 100 holders of $FWATCH

Audit and cex listing

3rd Quater 2021
  • Project Audit done by Solidity Finance
  • Listing on centralized Exchanges

Final Launch and more cex

3rd Quater 2021
  • Final Launch of FolioWatch Decentralized application
  • Listing on more centralized Exchanges

Burn Event

4th Quater 2021
  • First Fwatch token burn event